Who we help

The Community Reuse Shop is intended to provide a service to the public, so they can reuse items.

It is also for people to volunteer so they can learn new skills and share skills. This is for people who have been long term unemployed, so they can gain skills and make personal progress, to increase their prospects in gaining employment.

Supported employment placements are provided in partnership with Community Job Scotland, to assist with getting young people employment ready and into employment.

People also undertake placements for therapeutic reasons to improve their mental health.

Environmental Policy

At The Community Reuse Shop we feel the environment is really important so believe, where possible, in the reuse of all materials where possible, and, where this cannot be achieved, in the recycling or safe disposal of all waste, using either local authority Recycling Centres, or licensed and reputable waste disposal contractors. Our target is the reuse or recycling of 75% of everything we process.

Reuse and recycling saves energy and enables us to reduce our carbon emissions.

We are proud to say that recently, and because of our networking and major assistance from our charitable associates, we have been able to organise the re-use of substantial amounts of furniture and effects gathered from house clearances. any of these items are sold at heavily discounted prices to assist families with low incomes.

Our quality assurance

You can rest assured that our staff will be fully trained and competent within their area of work along with the appropriate skills and experience to undertake the tasks required.

As part of our commitment to our staff and customers, we ensure our staff undertake a full induction into our charity and will be provided the opportunity to undertake one or more of the range of accredited and nonaccredited training courses we have delivered to our staff throughout the year.

In any piece of work we do, we would ensure a method statement and risk assessment would be provided to ensure our teamwork in accordance with a standard and in a safe and coordinated fashion to ensure, our customers are wholly satisfied with the outcome of the service delivered to them.

Queens award

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK.

The Community Reuse Shop has been awarded a top regional accolade for Volunteer Involving Organisation of the Year 2015 at a special ceremony in the Easterbrook Hall in June organised and sponsored by Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway.