Reuse Shop

Case Studies

Below you will find a selection of Case Studies taken from various projects run by The Community Reuse Shop (in the past known as The Furniture Project).  Click on any title to read more on the Case Study.
In all cases, the names have been changed for data protection purposes.

I started working at the Community Reuse Shop through Community Jobs Scotland initially on a 9-month contract, after this time my contract was extended.

Since starting work with The Community Reuse Shop, I have had a huge growth in my confidence both personally and as working within a team, I feel I have developed as a person.

I have completed several courses at the local college including First Aid and Health & Safety, a large part of what I do is moving large items of furniture and I have learned how to do this safely when delivering to a customer or collecting donated goods.

I have also completed a Portable Appliance Testing course which allows me to test electrical items prior to them going out for sale and I am also working my way to SCQF6 in warehousing.

I feel the company has really supported me to develop my knowledge and skills and are keen to continue to help with my development by offering any available training courses. My communication levels have increased, I find it easier to speak to new people, before I started I would avoid speaking to anyone unless absolutely necessary.

On a personal level, being in a steady job with regular income has allowed me to feel more settled and I am able to plan ahead by saving and keeping a check on my finances. I enjoy coming in to work as I like the people I work with and get on well with everyone, I feel a valued team member.

Looking to the future I would be happy to continue my employment with the Community Reuse Shop, I don’t think of moving on but realise other opportunities may arise in other places in the future.

I am 70 and I volunteer at the Community Reuse Shop. I decided to volunteer as I wanted something to get me out of the house and amongst the community.

I have enjoy getting to know the other volunteers and staff and meeting new people.

We have regular customers who I have gotten to know and enjoy speaking to them and helping them find what they are looking for.

I have improved on many skills I had but also learned some new ones, such as working a computer, something I never thought I would be able to do.

The team all welcomed me and I feel I have a sense of belonging and a purpose each day. For anyone considering volunteering and not sure if it’s for them, I would say give it a go, what have you got to lose?

I am so glad I had the courage to approach the Community Reuse Shop about volunteering, it’s a fantastic place to be, we all look after each other like one big family.

I attend the Adult Resource Centre and they recommended I volunteer to learn new skills and meet new people, so I started volunteering at the Community Reuse Shop and I already feel part of the team.

I enjoy cleaning and organising and making sure everything is where it should be and help everyone as much as I can.

Volunteering makes me feel great and happy, it keeps me busy and active and I’ve made new friends and met lots of lovely people.

I really recommend volunteering, anyone who has some spare time should give it a go, you will really enjoy it.

I am a volunteer at the Community Reuse Shop.

The Job Centre recommended I try volunteering to get out and about in the community to meet more people and learn new skills.

So far, I have learned how to use the computer, iPad, till and am confident to answer the telephone.

Volunteering has given me a lot of confidence and improved my skills so much I have gained 2 days employment with the Community Reuse Shop. I know if I had not volunteered I would not have been able to do this role.

We all get on well and have a laugh while completing our jobs. I remember one of the volunteers lying on a bed beside a customer as he wanted to make sure him and his wife would fit….the lengths we go to!

If you have ever thought about volunteering I would encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and give it a go. You will be surprised what you can learn and how many lovely people you meet.