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Below are some projects that we have been involved in over the past years

The VIBES Environment Business Awards reward and recognise organisations that have demonstrated significant business benefits from good environmental practice.

We were delighted to have received a commendation at VIBES in the Circular Scotland Award.

Five of our team attended the event in Glasgow to collect this prestigious award.

Left to right: Davie McMillan, Wilma White, Donna McKeand, John Gibb, Paul Smith

During December 2023 our team provided 160 food and gift hampers to the local community.

Our Christmas Hamper project is an annual initiative aimed at providing assistance and joy to families in need during the festive season. The project involves collecting and delivering food hampers filled with essential items and festive treats to these families to help them celebrate Christmas.

The project starts with the identification of families who are experiencing financial hardship or other significant difficulties and would benefit from the support. This is done through existing local support organisations such as Homestart, Hub75, Youth Justice, Women’s Aid, St Joseph’s Primary School, We are with You, Cllr Chrissie Hill, Coronation Day Centre, Park Primary School, Adult Social Work and Children & Families social work for referrals.

Hampers are then organised by a group of dedicated volunteers who sort and pack the items into hampers. These hampers are designed to provide enough food and resources for the family to enjoy a festive meal together and have some additional treats and necessities to make their festive season a little brighter.

Once the hampers are packed, a team of volunteers coordinates the delivery process. They arrange delivery schedules and the hampers were delivered a few days before Christmas, ensuring that families have enough time to prepare for their celebrations.

We would like to thank Wigtown Are Committee, Stranraer Common Good Fund, Holywood Trust, Glasgow Association of Galloway, Cash for Kids and Stranraer Community Council for their assistance with the project.

Our newest project at The Furniture Project is Repair at Your Service, which provides a range of repairs and services to the most vulnerable members of our community such as

  • Home Safety and fall prevention measures
  • Odd jobs e.g. replacing light bulbs, resetting clocks/thermostats
  • Cleaning and washing
  • External maintenance e.g. garden clearance, leaf collecting, painting fences/sheds
  • Removal/disposal of small household items and green/general waste
  • Home security measures e.g. locks, wireless alarms, key safes
  • Small DIY job tasks e.g. flat packed furniture, putting up shelves

Our project gives support to those living in isolation, on a low income, families with support needs, retired or disabled helping people with odd jobs, small repairs and maintenance tasks they are unable to carry out themselves.

The project has been funded by The National Lottery People’s Project and kindly supported by Carrs Billington. It runs weekly on a Monday and Tuesday and one Saturday each month and currently operates within:

  • Stranraer
  • Kirkcolm
  • Leswalt
  • Portpatrick
  • Lochans
  • Stoneykirk
  • Sandhead
  • Castle Kennedy
  • Dunragit

The first job at each address labour will be provided free of charge (subject to terms and conditions)

To find out more or book a job call 07470347405 or 01776 707375.

We attended the DG Life Awards at the Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries and received an award for best Community Project.

We have 25 years of experience in community development work allowing us to set up a number of community ventures and we were thrilled to be recognised for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Some of the team ready for DG Life Awards.

Left to right: Wilma White, Andrew Robinson, Nigel Baillie, Donna McKeand, Connor Turtle

Throughout the year we provide FREE school uniform ensuring children are following the school mandate on uniform reducing peer pressure to wear certain fashion brands meaning there is less of a socioeconomic distinction made between students which in turn reduces the barriers that poverty and wealth can create.

At the end of each summer, we work with local hairdressers to provide a free back to school haircut along with a schoolbag and stationery so everyone is prepared for the new school year.

Providing free back to school haircuts, schoolbags, and stationery ensures that every student starts the new school year feeling confident and ready to learn.

Through its success, the Community Reuse Shop has become host to several projects to support people in the community and now we have the opportunity to work with local schools and other community groups to promote reuse and recycling particularly amongst children and young people.

The Community Reuse Shop is working alongside the Dumfries & Galloway Council to offer tours of the recycling centre as well as our own community reuse centre based on the Zero Waste Park. The tours show reusing and recycling in action and are an opportunity for children and young people to learn more about our carbon footprint and the importance of managing resources more sustainably. To align with the principles of learning for sustainability and to contribute to the Scottish Government’s vision for a greener and fairer nation, throughout the tours we explore issues such as:-

  • What happens when we don’t reuse and recycle and the effects this has on the world around us.
  • Why don’t we reuse and recycle more?
  • What are the issues that stop us?
  • What are the sustainability issues that affect the school and wider community?

Following the tour, we offer a Reinvent & Reuse Creative workshop where we create fun and practical items from donated goods to  show how items can be reused for different purposes whilst saving money and resources. The workshops provide opportunities for children and young people to investigate things for themselves, to learn and share skills and to ultimately think differently about what we throw away.

The tours and workshops can assist schools who are working towards their Eco Schools Green Flag Award. Climate Action is now a core topic of the Eco Schools Green Flag Award  and the workshops and tours align closely with Goal 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals  (Responsible Consumption & Production) and also feature in Goal 13 (Climate Action).

We work to inspire children and young people to get involved and champion reuse and recycling so that they become the norm for everyone, helping schools and communities become stronger, more resilient, and sustainable.

To find out more or to get involved please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator, Vivien Jones, on 01776 707375 or


We are delighted to have won the Social Wellbeing Award at Awarding Wigtownshire in June. The award was to recognise the work we have done to improve the general well-being of others, in particular encouraging participation from individuals not usually accessing local services.

Our volunteer Margaret won Volunteer of the Year. Margaret was recognised for selflessly devoting herself to the community, providing an invaluable unpaid service through her volunteering.

A huge congratulations to all the deserving finalists, we had a great night.

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless or unwanted products into new materials or products to be of greater quality, such as artistic value or environmental value.

We love upcycling and organise regular workshops so you too can learn upcycling skills. We provide all materials and equipment included, each workshop is individual and you can be assured of quality tuition.

Whether you’re just discovering upcycling for the first time or have some experience, you’ll find a workshop that suits you.